Grow House & Meth Lab Cleaning

Grow House & Meth Lab Cleanup in Toronto & the GTA

Restoring and decontaminating former grow houses and meth labs.

Both marijuana grow ops and meth labs cause a significant amount of damage inside homes. Mold and mold spores, chemical residues, pesticide contamination, chemical odor molecules attached to your walls that you breath in, the list of harmful contaminants is long.

In order to run these illegal operations people will re-wire electrical cables, alter ducts and HVAC systems and the prolonged humidity can cause breaches in the foundation footings.

This is where Trax comes it, this is a complicated matter and several precautions have to be applied. Our crews are trained and certified by IICRC. We have developed custom decontamination protocols to thoroughly decontaminate and disinfect all surfaces. We offer biohazard cleaning, mold removal, restoration and renovation services.

If your property has been shut down by the city issuing an “Order to Remedy Unsafe Building” give us a call. In the Schedule, a few inspections are also set out. These can include a structural, an HVAC, an environmental, fire & safety, and an Electrical Safety Authority report. These inspections are undertaken when the cleanup of the operation has been completed and we can assist you and ensure your property is ready for these inspections.

We also offer extreme cleaning and odour removal services to further assist you with restoring your property to safe and livable conditions.

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