What is the Process of Hoarding Cleaning Services?

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Understanding Hoarding Disorder and Its Challenges

Hoarding disorder is a complex mental health condition that often requires specialized intervention. According to American Psychiatric Association, hoarding disorder can cause problems in relationships, social and work activities, and other important areas of functioning. Potential consequences of serious hoarding include health and safety concerns, such as fire hazards, tripping hazards, and health code violations.

Hoarding cleaning services play a crucial role in helping individuals with hoarding disorder reclaim their living spaces. In Toronto, the demand for hoarding clean-up services has grown, prompting companies such as Trax Extreme Cleaning to offer comprehensive solutions. In this article, we will delve into the process of hoarding cleaning services, highlighting key aspects and the support available.

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Comprehensive Hoarding Cleaning Services in Toronto

Hoarding disorder poses unique challenges, making traditional cleaning methods ineffective. We recognize the sensitivity of this issue and emphasize a supportive and collaborative approach. Unlike some services that may involve sorting items, we collaborate with family members, social workers, and support service providers to streamline the process and ensure the well-being of the individual.

At Trax Extreme Cleaning, our process is tailored to address the specific needs of individuals dealing with hoarding disorder. We understand the importance of a customized approach and works closely with clients to develop a plan that suits their situation. We also offer sanitation and disinfection services, odour removal, junk removal and mold removal as part of a comprehensive package.

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) also offers a hoarding support program for seniors (65+ or 55+ for those that identify as living with a mental health issue) who are in need of extreme cleaning or hoarding support. It provides them with a home that is safe to live in, where they can access in-home supports that may have been suspended due to the state of their home. The program is free of charge and provides cleaning supplies, junk removal, and upkeep advice along with liaison with community partners including bylaw officers, Toronto fire, lawyers, health care workers and others. This initiative significantly eases the financial burden for individuals seeking assistance.

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The Hoarding Cleaning Process

The hoarding cleaning process is meticulous and follows a structured approach:

Step 1: Assessment

Trax Extreme Cleaning begins with a thorough assessment of the hoarding situation. This involves understanding the extent of the clutter, assessing potential hazards, and formulating a plan for safe and effective clean-up.  A professional team will determine the extent of the clutter and identify any potential health and safety hazards, such as mold, pests, pet waste, or structural damage. Trax has a long-standing record of providing specialized mold and other hazardous materials removal, which can be added as part of the hoarding cleaning solution if deemed necessary.

Step 2: Planning

The team will develop a comprehensive plan for the cleanup and clutter removal, which will outline the steps that will be taken to remove the extreme litter, as well as any special considerations that need to be considered.

Note that Trax Extreme Cleaning does not perform sorting and categorizing of items, but staff can work with the family members, social workers, or other support service providers to facilitate the process.

Step 3: Clutter Elimination and Waste Removal

The team will dispose of any unnecessary materials and ensure that all items are properly disposed of according to local regulations. Trax Extreme Cleaning crews are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to securely remove hazardous materials, such as biohazards, chemicals, and electronic trash, and dispose them safely and responsibly. This step is essential for ensuring that the living environment is safe and lowering the chance of being exposed to potentially dangerous substances and materials.

Step 4: Cleaning and Organization

Once all unnecessary clutter has been removed, the cleaning process will commence. The experts will sanitize the space, remove any remaining waste, and arrange the important items in an organized manner.

Step 5: Disinfection and Sanitation

The team will then cleanse and disinfect all of the surfaces, including the walls, floors, and furniture. This phase is essential in the process of eradicating any dangerous bacteria, viruses, and germs that might be present in the living environment. Trax’s commitment to comprehensive services extends beyond cleaning, encompassing odour removal and mold remediation to address any secondary issues associated with hoarding.

Step 6: Follow-Up

In partnership with family members, mental health professionals, and support workers, Trax can provide follow-up support to ensure that the individual can maintain the cleanliness and organization of their home. This may include check-ins or other support services.

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